DIY Electrical Repairs: When to Call a Local Electrician in the UK

While home improvement, many of us are allured to DIY repairs, not merely for easy repairs but sometimes even in complex electrical repairs as well. Resolving a minor electrical issue may give you a certain satisfaction but think carefully before you start working on a major electrical issue.

Mistakes can lead not only to personal injury but also to severe property damage.  Tasks like electrical fuse box upgrades or rewiring your London property should not be DIY; instead, take the help of a local and trusted electrician.

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Before starting any DIY electricity work, it is necessary to demarcate safe boundaries and beyond that boundary, professional help is indispensable. Minor tasks such as replacing light bulbs, installing dimmer switches, or changing light fixtures are within safe boundaries and can be done right with a bit of knowledge and the proper precautions.

However, before installing or repairing any electrical item, be very careful and follow the instruction manual very carefully to avoid any damage. Safely install and repair any electrical appliance and system. Even these minor tasks require you to cut power and check the absence of electricity with a tester before you start.

When You Should Not DIY and Call a Local Electrician

Here are some of the situations where you shouldn’t DIY and call a professional and trained electrician:

1. Comprehensive Electrical Surveys

Electrical surveys are essential for older homes where the electric system has not been updated in decades. This comprehensive checkup can only be done by a professional electrician. This includes evaluating the safety and functionality of the home’s electrical system, identifying faulted wiring, potential fire hazards, and any other area that is not compliant with current electricity rules.

If you are considering buying a new house or renovating an old one, an electrical survey will help you determine if an existing system is ready for upgrade. Neglecting this can lead to overburden on the system and circuits, which can cause damage or fire.

2. Fuse Box to Consumer Unit Upgrades

Upgrading from a fuse box to a modern consumer unit can be a complex task with high risk; therefore, it should not be DIY. This upgrade not only improves safety by integrating circuit breakers and RCD protection, which instantly cuts off electricity in case of any fault. This upgrade helps with future additions such as solar panel systems or car chargers.

Attempting to upgrade without professionals can lead to potential fire risks and electric shocks. Hire a certified professional electrician who installs it correctly and meets all legal needs.

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3. Frequent Circuit Breaker Problems

Frequent circuit breaker tripping can result from circuit overloading or an electrical fault. While resetting a tripped breaker might be straightforward, one must diagnose and fix the root cause. DIY fixes can lead to misdiagnosis and cause more significant damage or personal injury.

If your circuit trips occasionally, it is a sign not to use all high-voltage appliances at once, but frequent tripping requires urgent attention.

Circuit breakers are designed to protect your house from hazards caused by overloading. The tripping of the breaker is a warning and should not be ignored. Only a qualified electrician can accurately identify and resolve the cause safely and effectively.

4. Rewiring the House

Rewiring your home is one of the most extensive electrical upgrades. Rewiring involves the replacement of old and faulty wires to meet up with a new and modern electric system. This process often requires walls to be opened and floors to be lifted.

While rewriting, the professional must ensure that it is safe and that it complies with local building rules and regulations. After rewriting, homeowners should take proper certification. A professional local electrician will have the experience and tools to complete such a complex task.

The complexity of the task makes it beyond the scope of DIY.

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5. Installing Outlets

You might consider installing a light or an outlet as an easy and manageable task, but doing so without proper knowledge can lead to electric shock, fire hazards and even overloaded circuits. Before installing a socket, you should understand your home wiring, the capacity of your electrical system, and the building’s rules and regulations.

Professional electricians can ensure that the new outlet is safe for usage and without causing any hazard. This peace of mind and sense of safety can only be felt if you hire a certified professional.


While DIY may look tempting and cost-effective to you, do it only if the task is simpler and involves no or low risk. Call a trustworthy and local electrician if it is a complex or high-risk task. This will not only safeguard your home and family but also ensure that work is done right. When in doubt, always call professionals for help.

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