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Emergency services: Maintaining your home’s safety

In the event that you have an electrical emergency out of hours, Hale Electrics Ltd have reliable engineers on call 24/7 to attend any emergency. Our vehicles carry a comprehensive range of materials and parts, helping to ensure that we arrive with the tools to do the job safely and efficiently. With electrical emergencies posing a danger, our team knows the importance of getting the job done quickly to ensure that your home is safe. Our standard of work is always as high as can be. Call us 24/7 on 020 3086 7631 for any electrical emergency in your property.

Call us, 24/7, in an electrical emergency

If you encounter an electrical emergency in your home, don’t delay in getting in touch with us. We’re available 24/7 – call us on 020 3086 7631 or email info@hale-electrics.co.uk. To find out about our other services, complete our contact form and we will respond shortly.
Contact us for all your electrical needs, including prompt and reliable services as your go-to emergency electrician in Bromley.


What is an electrical emergency call out?

While certain electrical services demand a quick turnaround, emergency electrical work usually involves faulty electrics in a home or business. When it comes to electricity, safety is paramount, so it is vital to get any problems checked out by a professional electrician who is certified to undertake fault identification and repair work. Electrical failures can be extremely dangerous, so it is critical to contact an electrician as soon as possible.

What could an electrical emergency look like?

Electrical emergencies like power outages, sparking outlets, or shocks can create hazardous scenarios. At Hale Electrics Ltd, we stress the importance of identifying risks early. Through expert guidance, we empower homeowners and businesses to spot electrical dangers promptly. This proactive approach is key to safeguarding life and property from electrical hazards.

An electrical emergency you might encounter in your home could consist of:

  • A tripped fuseboard
  • Sparks coming from sockets
  • You get an electric shock when touching electrical appliances
  • You have no power or no hot water

If you experience these things in your home or commercial property, you should get in touch with us at any time of the day, and one of our engineers will be able to come to your building.

What do our emergency services consist of?

We can provide any kind of electrical services in an emergency for your property, whether this is domestic or commercial. This could include repairing your fuseboard, repairing sockets and lighting that may be faulty, and assessing your home for the damage causing the emergency. Our main priority in these situations is safety – if there are further works needed our team is more than happy to carry them out to optimise your home.

24/7 Immediate Response: Your Lifeline in Electrical Crises

Electrical emergencies can strike anytime. That’s why Hale Electrics Ltd delivers immediate 24/7 response. Our dedication to safety continues beyond office hours, ensuring help is a call away no matter when disaster hits. Our skilled team stands ready to address emergencies swiftly, bringing expertise and reliability when you need it most. With Hale Electrics Ltd, you can trust electrical issues will be resolved urgently and efficiently for minimal disruption. We offer emergency electrical call-out services for both residential and commercial locations. If you need our team, call us 24/7 on 020 3086 7631 or email info@hale-electrics.co.uk.

Local Electricians Providing Swift Emergency Response

At Hale Electrics Ltd, our establishment within the community enables rapid response times during electrical emergencies. With deep local roots, we can reach your location quickly when issues arise, facilitating efficient resolution. This neighbourhood advantage demonstrates our commitment to fast, reliable emergency services, instilling confidence in valued customers.

As a trusted electrical contractor in London, Hale Electrics Ltd offers comprehensive services, including the installation of electric vehicle chargers. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your property for eco-friendly transport or need urgent assistance, our team is here for you.

Why choose Hale Electrics Ltd for your property’s emergency?

Working with Hale Electrics Ltd for your emergency services and any consequent electric works you may need, you are bound to experience our values and the characteristics of our company that keep our customers coming back.

A trustworthy accredited team

Our team is NICEIC approved, meaning that all our works are reliable. We are accredited and affiliated with industry leading bodies and our local council, and all our electrical engineers are fully qualified.

Unwaveringly excellent etiquette

Even on an emergency call out, our team will be professional at all times and our etiquette is always prioritised. We will arrive in sign-written vehicles, wearing our branded, matching uniforms.

Guaranteed on all parts and labour

All the parts and labour carried out on your property during your emergency service will be guaranteed for 12-months afterwards (T&Cs apply). We also hold public liability insurance.

Prioritising your experience with us

Our customers are our main focus. We always like to ensure you’re as happy as can be with the electrical services we provide. We tailor our services to you, and ensure your home is as safe as possible with our emergency services.

Talk with our experts

If you have an electrical emergency in your property, we’re here for you 24/7. Call us on 020 3086 7631 or email info@hale-electrics.co.uk.