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Have you ever wondered how old the wiring in your home actually is? If you’re unsure, it could be time to have your property’s electrics professionally inspected and tested. A rewire can either be a partial or total replacement of all the electrical wires in a property. Any wiring installation that is 30 years old or more may well need rewiring, as the insulation will most likely be starting to disintegrate. This could potentially be a fire risk, pose a danger to the people using the system, or could cause expensive damage to electrical equipment.

Our team of highly trained electrical engineers are experts in rewiring homes and all types of commercial properties. To enquire about the electrical rewire process and our expertise, call us on 020 3086 7631.

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What’s involved in a rewiring service?

The first step is to get the whole system in your home inspected and tested by a qualified electrical engineer. Our engineers at Hale Electrics Ltd will be able to advise you on what will need to be carried out in the way of replacement wiring to make the electrical installation as safe as possible. Once we have gone through this with you, our engineers will arrive at your home ready to carry out the rewire.

In order for the job to be carried out safely, you will need to vacate your property for the duration of the rewire. The timing of this is on a case-by-case basis. However, our team will usually allow two weeks for the rewiring of your home. You can rely on our team to complete your rewire safely and effectively, ensuring your wiring provides secure electrics for your property.

Our team: Fully qualified in home rewiring

Always make sure that all testing and installation is carried out by an appropriately qualified and experienced professional. Never do it yourself or allow an inexperienced or unqualified person to even touch the wiring in your house; it is simply unwise and dangerous to all concerned.

You should always expect that the electrician who undertakes any testing or electrical rewires is a member of a recognised professional trade organisation (NICEIC). They should be able to give you a quotation for all the work and fittings (such as light fittings and sockets) in writing, along with a proposed start and end date for the job. Our team are experts in the industry, and so you will always be in safe hands when we’re working on your home.

The signs you could require a rewire

If you’re curious about the signs to look for that signify your home may need rewiring, you could experience any of these:

  • Extremely old wiring in your home – if your electrics haven’t been rewired in a long time, they could pose as a risk.
  • You may be conducting a refurbishment – if you’re redoing your home, you could deal with your old wiring at the same time.
  • You have had an EICR conducted and it was recommended that your property undergoes a rewiring service.
  • If you have moved into a new property, you may have discovered that there aren’t enough sockets and lighting in the property. A rewire can provide the extra sockets and lighting you require.

It may be that your needs only require a partial rewire, in which case we will be able to carry this out for you efficiently. Upon a survey of your home, we will decide whether this can be done with you in the home or whether you will have to vacate.

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What are the dangers of neglecting a rewire?

If you neglect a rewire service when your property needs one, you could be putting yourself and those that live in your home, in danger. Faulty or old wiring could lead to an electrical fire, or it could result in electrocution or injury to those living in the property.

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We hold full public liability insurance, and we also offer guarantees on all our labour and the parts provided for your property. This will be a 12-month guarantee, allowing you peace of mind (T&Cs apply).

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