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LED lighting upgrades: The energy efficient choice

Have you been considering updating the lighting in your home? If you have, you’ve probably considered making the switch to LED lighting. Here at Hale Electrics Ltd, we can provide a comprehensive lighting survey to determine where you can improve the lighting in your home. Converting to LED lighting could even reduce your electricity bills and maintenance costs.

We have successfully completed LED upgrades in sports halls, offices, schools, and countless homes. Our team are the experts at completing electrical jobs in your property without hassle to you, and in line with the highest standards. If you’re interested in LED lighting, contact us on 020 3086 7631.

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Get started with your lighting upgrades with LEDs by giving our team a call. We’re always happy to be of help. Call us to start the process on 020 3086 7631, email info@hale-electrics.co.uk or complete our form for a fast response.


What are the benefits of an LED upgrade?

There are many benefits you will experience if you decide to upgrade your lighting to LED. Many of our customers report their satisfaction after the installation, and you could be next to find out why.

An increase in energy efficiency

Using LEDs for your lighting will see your home improving its energy efficiency. This is because LEDs only produce light, rather than excess heat, and so use less energy to light up your home or property. This will save you money on your monthly energy bills and will reduce your carbon footprint.

No residual heat given off

Halogen and incandescent bulbs give off a large amount of residual heat whilst lighting up your room. This is a great reason to replace them with LED lights, especially in kitchen spaces. The kitchen is somewhere that frequently gets warm anyway, and so installing LED lights could help with the comfort of your cooking experience.

Halogens bulbs could be a fire risk

If you have halogen or incandescent bulbs, you could be at risk if there is insulation above it. This kind of material can be dangerous when exposed to the residual heat created by these bulbs, as they could potentially catch fire. LEDs do not give off heat, so are safe to be around insulating material.

Minimal disruption during installation

To upgrade your lighting to LEDs is easy. The installation process won’t be disruptive at all. In fact, new LED downlights can be retrofitted into the existing downlight hole. This reduces the amount of work needed to be conducted in your property, resulting in a relatively fast process.

An elevated aesthetic

LEDs can elevate the aesthetic of your home. With their sleek appearance and flush fit to the ceiling, they can create a brighter light using less energy, and help you with the design of the interior of your property. As well as their many practical benefits, you may find LEDs are the finishing touch your property needed.

A dimmable option

LEDs provide you with the option of dimmable lighting. This can give you more control over the lighting in your home and can offer a solution when it comes to occasions in your property. For example, you will be able to benefit from dimmed lighting at a dinner party, but full lighting while watching TV, increasing the versatility in your lighting.

Speak with our expert team

If you’re considering upgrading your lighting to LEDs, we are the team to talk to. With no call out charges, we’re happy to come and survey your home. Give us a call on 020 3086 7631 or email info@hale-electrics.co.uk.

Choosing to work with Hale Electrics Ltd: The benefits

When you select services from our team, you are bound to experience our core values. These are infused into every area of our work:

A consistently professional team

Our etiquette is important to us, and we always convey our professionalism. We do this using sign-written vehicles, and always arriving at every job in our matching, branded uniforms to put your mind at ease.

Ensuring our customers’ satisfaction

Our customers having good experiences with our team is one of the most important things to us. We ensure your services are perfectly tailored to what you need, and cater to your requirements at all times.

An NICEIC approved team

As fully ‘Approved Contractors’ we can certify all our works and you get peace of mind with all the other benefits, including guarantees and warranties that the NICEIC has to offer to the consumer. We offer free, no-obligation quotations and our work will be comprehensively certified.

A guaranteed high standard of work

The standard of our work is consistently high, and we provide 12-month guarantees on the parts and labour that we provide to give you peace of mind (T&Cs apply). We are a fully insured company, holding public liability insurance.

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