4 electrical upgrades to enhance your home

When brainstorming how to improve your home, electrical updates may not immediately come to your mind. However, these updates are a great way of making your property seem more luxurious, and enhancing its functionality. There are a variety of home improvements you can achieve through the electrics in your property, and as well as just practical benefits they can also help you improve your energy efficiency.

Upgrade your lighting to LEDs

LED lighting can take your property a step above its old halogen lighting, improving both the aesthetics of your home and its energy efficiency. Halogen lighting can pose dangers in your home, as they produce a lot of heat during the process of lighting the room. This also uses more energy. The transition to LEDs creates a higher aesthetic impact, as well as increasing the safety of your property. LEDs don’t create nearly as much heat during the generation of light, decreasing any risk of an electrical fire.

During your lighting upgrade, you could also take the opportunity to install dimmer switches. This will give you more freedom regarding the light levels in your home, maintaining a luxurious ambience.

Install additional sockets

If you’ve recently moved into your property or it was an older build, you may have come to the realisation that you don’t have enough sockets in your home as is optimal. By investing in new sockets throughout your property, you can be sure that you have the capacity for all the electrical appliances you could need, in the places where you need them.

Introduce USB charging sockets

When installing these sockets, you could elect to include sockets with an in-built USB charging port. This could make it easier for you and your guests to charge your phone or other appliances. It’s a convenient, and modern option.

Invest in smart controls

Smart controls are becoming more and more popular in homes, as they can help you keep an eye on your energy efficiency. A smart thermostat can give you higher control over the temperature of your home. This can help you improve your energy efficiency by controlling the heating of your property room by room. You could consult our electricians about the benefits and installation of your smart thermostat.

Install an EV charger for your electric car

Electric and hybrid cars are becoming a more common occurrence on the roads, and if you’ve decided to invest, then you’ll be requiring a charging point. The installation of an EV charger will be seamless against the side of your home, with understated visuals so as not to affect the aesthetic. Getting your EV charger could even increase the value of your home with the increase in electric cars, as this may be a factor that potential buyers are interested in.

If your home could do with some of these electrical updates and upgrades, then you’re likely looking for the perfect team to fulfil your needs. Here at Hale Electrics Ltd, we have the expertise to ensure your home is safe in our hands. If you require additional information about how our processes work and the services we offer, get in touch with us. We’re always happy to speak with our customers – call 020 3086 7631 or email info@hale-electrics.co.uk.

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