Boxing Day emergency call out

A Boxing Day emergency call out in Chislehurst

Our work for Mr Shaw began as an emergency call out on Boxing Day. After rectifying his electrical system on the day, we discovered some further electrical works that we recommended Mr Shaw invest in to ensure the electrical safety of his property. This led to an entire fuse board upgrade, ensuring Mr Shaw’s home in Chislehurst was properly set up electrically and that the wiring was reliable.

What was the brief received from the customer?

This job was initially conducted as an emergency call out, which we were alerted to on Boxing Day. We were told that there was no power in the home in Chislehurst, and all the lights had gone out. Mr Shaw had his whole family in the home for Christmas, and they were all unfortunately left in the dark. We went over to his home on the Boxing Day, and assessed the problem.

What work was conducted initially?

When we got to the home, there was no power or lighting. We:

  • Assessed the home during a survey to identify the problem.
  • The problem we discovered was that there was no voltage at the fuse board for the main cut out fuse.
  • There was a 60 amp fuse wire wrapped around the fuse, which is a dangerous thing to do. During Mr Shaw’s increased use of electricity over the Christmas period, the use of appliances burnt out the 60 amp fuse, causing the power outage.
  • We swapped this for a main fuse that we had in supply in our van, and reenergised the home, to great satisfaction of all Mr Shaw’s guests!
  • We were able to fix the problem within around half an hour, allowing them to get back to enjoying their Christmas celebrations.

How did this lead to further work with our customer?

Upon conversation with Mr Shaw, we discovered that the same electrical company that wrongly provided him with the 60 amp fuse also provided a fuse board upgrade the year before. We then took a look at his fuse board, and unfortunately identified many issues with the work completed there. We came back at another time to conduct another survey, allowing us to assess the fuse board in further detail. We recommended an entire fuse board upgrade, which would eliminate any danger posed by the faulty fuse board.

The subsequent work we conducted

After the survey, we were set to complete a full fuse board upgrade in Mr Shaw’s home.

  • We provided a fully functioning fuse board, which was fully tested and complete with labels and schedules. This allowed the customer to be confident in their new fuse board.
  • We did this over the course of two days. This meant that we had to get the vital circuits back up and running by the end of the first day, allowing Mr Shaw to use his home’s electricity as he needed.

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