Fuse board upgrade

An entire fuse board upgrade in Petts Wood

One of our projects involved the upgrade of an entire fuse board. Our customer, Kenneth, had a very large collection of old fuse boards in his home in Petts Wood. Fuse boards were being added to other fuse boards, with no schedules or labels to allow us to understand how to control certain parts of the house. It was a very dated system, and it required improvements that would increase the electrical safety of the property, reducing the risk of electrical fires and shocks.

What was our brief?

Our brief was to upgrade the entirety of the fuse board system, which took up a lot of room on the wall of Kenneth’s garage space. To understand our brief fully, we conducted a survey in Kenneth’s home and assessed the situation. This allowed us to plan our approach to our customers’ request.

What electrical works were conducted?

The works we conducted on Kenneth’s home in Petts Wood provided him with excellent results. These works included:

  • Consolidating all the existing fuse boards in the property into one fuse board
  • Fully labelling and scheduling the new fuse board system
  • Putting all cables into trunking, ensuring the space is safe and tidy
  • We provided our customer with a printed version of the schedule of the circuits, ensuring it was easy to understand

This project took us two days to complete in Kenneth’s home, and by the end he was able to rely on the electrics in his property. Allowing ourselves two days meant that we had time to entirely redesign the fuse board.

What were the challenges we faced?

During the project, we experienced the challenge of trying to identify which circuits went where in the original fuse board, due to the lack of labelling. The convoluted original system was difficult to understand, which was part of the reason for upgrading the fuse board. As the project was spread over two days, there was pressure to get the vital circuits up and running on the first day, so that Kenneth and his partner weren’t limited in the electricity they could use overnight. We were able to do this seamlessly, ensuring there was minimal disruption to our customer throughout the process.

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