LED upgrade for Riverside School

An LED upgrade for Riverside School in Orpington

For Riverside School, we completed a series of LED upgrades. We completed this project in a series of stages, as we had to limit our work to school holidays when we would create the least amount of disruption. We have loved working with the Riverside School in Orpington, as our work has made a noticeable positive difference to the students, teachers and their working environment.

What was included in our brief?

When we began working with Riverside School in Orpington, our brief was to upgrade the lighting in the building, which was fairly old, with the aim of decreasing their energy bills. There was poor lighting in the space, and people were often reporting headaches and difficulty in being in the space. With LED lighting upgrades, we would be able to transform the lighting in the building, improving the working and learning environment.

What works did we conduct in Riverside School?

When completing our project on Riverside School, we first of all completed a survey on the entire building. Our survey discovered that more than 400 lights would require upgrading in order to achieve the results that our client wanted. Our work included:

  • Natural white LCDs (these came with great feedback from the client, reporting that the colour of the light was much better to be in during the day)
  • The addition of dimmer switches, creating a flicker-free environment and freedom to adjust the room’s brightness

Challenges we encountered during the project and how we overcame them

Due to the nature of the project, we had to ensure that we only conducted works at certain times. This was usually in half terms and school breaks. This was so that we didn’t create disruption for the children learning and being cared for in the school. To ensure that our electrical work was completed in the required timeframe, we had constant communication between our lead and the project manager for Riverside School. We were incredibly organised, with the work in every room being scheduled to work around children potentially using the rooms to learn or sleep in. Our team completed the work to the highest standard in the agreed upon timeframes.

Although we worked in school breaks, there was the odd occasion where children, carers and teachers were still in the school. This meant that we had to work alongside them, ensuring that our safety precautions were excellent. We conducted RAMS (risk assessment and method statement) prior to starting the work, which allowed us to identify how best to work in the space whilst reducing any risks. Our entire team are all DBS checked, putting our client at ease.

During the project, there were certain points where we were required to use high level lifts and access equipment. Our team is highly trained in this, and took all the safety precautions necessary during the process.

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