Led upgrade

A large-scale LED upgrade in Chelsfield Village

Our team conducted a large scale LED lighting upgrade on a seven-bedroom home in Chelsfield Village, for our customer Ben. As a sizable home, this was a big project and required our organisational skills and hands-on, industry experience to complete it seamlessly. As a result of our works completed, our customer noticed a dramatic decrease in his electricity bills after checking his smart meter reading.

What was the brief we received?

When we met our customer, Ben, the brief we received was that his bills were sky high, as all down lights in the property were old halogen lamps. Having his lights on almost all day, Ben wanted to be able to reduce his electricity bill, and update his home’s energy efficiency. We conducted a survey on his large home in Chelsfield Village, and discovered more than 290 halogen down lights that needed to be upgraded to LEDs. There were also no dimmer switches.

What did we do for our customer’s home?

We completed the work on Ben’s property in a series of stages. Firstly, we provided an approximate savings report which we provided our customer with. This allowed Ben to see just how much he could save in his bills by investing in the LED upgrade. Once Ben was on board, we completed the following works:

  • We firstly installed brand-new LED lights in the office space free of charge. Starting with this one room allowed Ben to see what the output was like from the new lighting, and experiment with how they dimmed and their colour. Ben was happy with the work in his office space, and so accepted our quote to upgrade the entire home.
  • We completed the LED upgrades in the rest of the home in stages.
  • We conducted lots of external lighting and changed outdoor lamps to LED.

Overall, the work we completed was around a week’s worth, although it was staggered at the customer’s request.

Were there any challenges that we faced during the project?

Our customer has young children, and so asked that we stagger the electrical works in order to accommodate their schedules. Due to this, we were working in certain rooms at a time to ensure that disruption was kept to a minimum. We, as always, used dust sheets and shoe covers to protect the floors and property. The property has some high ceilings, and therefore for some areas of the project we required access equipment. Our team is highly trained in using this and so were able to set up safety precautions in the home, and conduct the works seamlessly.

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