Press Coffee

Electrical works for Press Coffee’s factory

We worked on an industrial project for Press Coffee, whose factory is in Brixton. We were approached by Press Coffee whilst their factory was still empty, to supply electrics for EV chargers as well as set up some electrics for their machinery. We conducted RAMS (risk assessment and method statement) and surveyed the site, and were able to start work on the industrial factory.

What was the brief we got from Press Coffee?

When we were approached by Press Coffee, our brief was to provide EV chargers that suited the needs of the industrial setting. There were multiple requirements for the chargers – the project manager at Press Coffee wanted one that could charge cars free of charge, and one that would cost visitors to use. Upon surveying the empty factory, we also identified places where our electrical works would be required inside, to house and accommodate the factory equipment and machinery.

What electrical works did we provide when working with Press Coffee?

After understanding the brief and completing a survey on the factory in Brixton, we did the following work.

  • We installed two Easee chargers outside the factory. These chargers come with a lot of versatility. They allowed Press Coffee to:
    • Provide their staff with fobs, so that they could charge their vehicles for free
    • Let their visitors know about an app, with which they can pay for the charging they required for their vehicle
  • These Easee chargers are three phase, at 22 kilowatts
  • We installed commando sockets which allowed for the higher demand for electricity for their factory equipment
  • We thoroughly tested the three phase equipment to ensure electrical safety within the factory setting

Challenges we overcame during the project

When we initially surveyed the factory, it was empty and without equipment. When it came to completing the works, there were visitors at the factory frequently, which meant that our RAMS came in useful. The work we conducted also required metal containment work. This is something we have training in, meaning our team was able to complete the work seamlessly in the industrial setting.

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