Snog Frozen Yogurt

Snog Frozen Yogurt: Electrical works in pop-up kitchens

We have an ongoing working relationship with Snog Frozen Yogurt. We won our first project with them to conduct the electrical installations in one of their pop-up kitchens. After our initial work with them, we won many more projects off the back of it. Snog Frozen Yogurt has multiple pop-up kitchens throughout the London area, and we have been lucky enough to provide our electrical expertise across many of them, such as in Camden, Borough, Dalston and Gloucester Road Station.

What was our brief?

We were contracted last minute by Snog Frozen Yogurt to install the electrics in their pop-up kitchen. We were provided with rough drawings from the client, and won the project due to our extensive qualifications, accreditations and certifications, and experience using the necessary equipment. The brief was to set up all the electrical equipment needed to produce the frozen yogurt, as well as provide lighting and necessary electrics for running a building.

What work did we complete for Snog Frozen Yogurt?

Before we could conduct any electrical work, it was imperative that we conduct RAMS (risk assessments and method statements). This allowed us to identify any risks that could affect our work, so that we could cater our safety precautions to them. The electrical works we provided for multiple Snog Frozen Yogurt projects included:

  • Three phase commando sockets and gear for heavy duty machinery and equipment
  • Single phase commando sockets
  • General power and lighting

We had only one or two days to complete the projects, and were working at the same time as other trades to get the pop-up kitchens up and running.

What were some challenges we faced during the process?

As pop-up kitchens, the spaces we were working in were very small, and so we had to conduct complicated electrical work in these tight spaces, whilst also working alongside other trades to complete the project.

One of our main challenges was on the project in Gloucester Road Station. This was in an underground station, and so there was some challenge in finding parking availability for our van, and getting our materials and tools down to the working site.

Throughout a number of the projects, the scale of the space also required platform access. We have the relevant platform training to be able to conduct these works seamlessly, and we also had to include this in our RAMS assessment prior to the work beginning.

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